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Newly elected head monitors Eliza Dunn ’21 and Garvin McLaughlin ’21 took up the mantle as school leaders from outgoing head monitors Olivia Wang ’20 and Beck Kendig ’20. Historically, head monitor elections are held in May with a School-wide Q&A and speeches in the Athletic and Convocation Center from each candidate. Despite the circumstances of students being home due to the pandemic, Wang and Kendig worked hard to replicate the process. They hosted a live Q&A with the 13 self-nominated candidates over Zoom. The session was recorded so students had the option to watch it at a later time. Then candidates submitted recorded speeches and those were posted so students could watch them before voting online.

Dunn and McLaughlin said one of their main goals for next year is to generate a strong sense of Milton spirit and community, especially after being away at the end of this year and facing some unknowns about what will happen in the fall. They are excited to find “new and creative ways to bring Milton back together.”

“Next year is a clean slate for us to create a sense of Milton in new ways, and to build a sense of unity and acceptance by making the transition into next fall seamless and fun for everyone,” said McLaughlin. “As head monitors, we are excited to lead the School toward that goal, by hosting School-wide events or competitions, finding ways to give back to our communities outside of school, and building better relationships between grades through student-led mentor groups.”