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Abby Hanley ’20, a gargoyle based on the Chernabog character from Fantasia and used articles about the COVID-19 pandemic and the Spanish Influenza Pandemic

In Nicole Darling’s Technology, Media and Design class, students are learning about typography, which is the art and technique of type design, lettering, and calligraphy.

“It is arguably one of the most important components of graphic design. It requires designers to have the ability to make messages readable while expressing, emoting, and projecting concepts to the audience,” says Darling.

The unit consists of three different projects designed to help students develop their sensitivity to type, and increase their appreciation for different type-anatomy and aesthetics.

“In this first project students were asked to create a collage using found printed material,” says Darling. “The style and size of the letters, as well as the density of the text, are explored as graphic shapes and textures.”

Caroline Wilson ’21, used text from a fashion magazine to look critically at the beauty industry and assert feminism.

Danni Lu ’20, a tiger camouflaged in the jungle, for her mother who is born in that Chinese zodiac year

Ian Terrell ’22, “Pocket knife” (given to him by his grandfather)

Ben Simpson’21, “Guitar” ( This is what he has been trying to learn during the coronavirus)

Kai Lannon ’21 “Bird” ( using text about birds)

Sam McNulty, ‘21, “M and M” (using text related to this)