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Parents’ Association Hosts Faculty Staff Appreciation

10-02_appreciation_brunch_1Smoked salmon and capers on fresh bagels between first and second periods. Sticky buns too sumptuous to turn down. After fourth period—beef bourguignon, chicken Provencal and pork tenderloin carved and embellished with mustard tarragon sauce by Class II Dad, Cotty Peabody. “Where are we?” you might ask.  We’re at Milton, on a prototypical February day. After they transform Straus Library into a verdant retreat rivaling the New England Flower Show, Upper School parent volunteers, working with committee chair, Wendy Ballinger (III), roll out the carpet for faculty and staff, hosting the Parents’ Association’s now-traditional, highly anticipated expression of thanks. 

Faculty and staff carried rosemary trees, cyclamen and ivy home to grace the winter walls. One generous and insightful parent awarded each guest with an Amazon gift certificate. Free raffles distributed treasures throughout the community, from nights at the symphony and the theatre to seats at Fenway Park.  The opportunity, simply, to walk from a classroom to Straus and enjoy culinary adventures unheard of in a routine School day, turned any February ennui into shear pleasure. A day later, the raves and thank-you’s continue in the hallways.  

Parents staffing the event repeat frequently how thrilled they are to express their gratitude to dedicated faculty and staff. From the point of view of Upper School faculty and staff, the Parents’ Association’s mid-winter gift is extraordinary—a moment to savor long after. Many heartfelt thanks go to Wendy Ballinger, and the committee members: Rita Rooney, Sue Termyn, Cat Malone, Karen Johnson, M.E. Malone, Maura Curran, Laura Siphron, Jackie Bechek, Andrea Peabody, Cotty Peabody, Mark Kaplan, Regina Holdstock Kaplan, Dolly DiPesa, Rosalyn Baker-Greene, Martha Parker, Peggie Warner and Margaret Walsh.