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08-11_class_1James Mills of the history department at Milton connected with alumni from the Classes of 1940 through 2007 on Thursday, November 20 when he conducted his online class, “‘YouTubers,’ ‘Hockey Moms’ and ‘Earlies’:  Why Barack Obama won the Presidency.”

James continued the national preoccupation: analyzing the roles of key demographic groups in the election, and speculating about the impact of our evolving voting system, including the dynamics of early voting.  The presentation, shared by 75 alumni who reserved places in the program, reflected the work and ideas that are alive in the AP American Government classes going on right now at Milton.  In typical Milton form, email questions appeared early and often and the session included discussion of questions by phone before it closed. A number of questions focused on what students’ activities were during the election season; others focused on the major political and social issues: the economy, immigration, foreign policy and the environment.  James’ presentation was the first of others to follow.  Alumni can look forward to other opportunities for online learning with Milton faculty in the near future.