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kevin_collins_1A new scholarship honoring Milton Academy’s beloved Frank Millet was awarded at Convocation 2009. The definition of the Millet Scholar befits the role that Mr. Millet has played in the Milton community for 67 years. The Millet Scholar will be a student who demonstrates high moral integrity, is supportive of classmates, and has established meaningful relationships with peers and faculty. The Millet Scholar is a student who by virtue of his or her character and deeds is an integral member of his or her Class, and holds great promise as a leader. The Scholarship was awarded to Class I student Kevin Bernard Collins at Convocation, an announcement greeted with rousing applause and a standing ovation from Kevin’s classmates.

“Kevin’s teachers have remarked on his openness to the world,” said Head of School Todd Bland. “Imagining a student who has lived his Milton life with more integrity, heart and gusto than this boy would be difficult. He has made his presence felt in many areas, and has never shied from trying new things—from sports and acting and student government, through singing and co-heading the Spanish Club. While Kevin’s list of activities is impressive, we feel the force of his character most strongly in some of his quieter contributions: serving, mentoring, supporting, being a good friend. With great pleasure we award the Millet Scholarship to a student whom one teacher called, ‘such a true-to-himself person.'”