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Students moved into their houses and then celebrated Class Day, which was hosted and organized by Class I. All classes gave a standing ovation to the Class of 2006 as the seniors began their last Milton year. The Class I councilors Shellondah Anderson and Ben Smith welcomed new and old students. Ben Smith (Class I) named this year “the year of the dog” — the dog standing for honesty, loyalty, bravery, protection of loved ones, nobility and fairness, just a few characteristics of the Class of 2006 that Ben wanted to share with the School. Students spent Class Day in activities with classmates, both on campus and fanning out to community service sites as well as completing a Boston scavenger hunt. The formal Convocation of School officially began the academic year—the School’s 208th—on Monday, September 12, 2005. Head of School Robin Robertson addressed the students, highlighting the examples of resilience in finding beauty, power and meaning among the impoverished quilt makers of Ghee’s Bend and, more recently, the Katrina victims in the South. Milton’s co-head monitors, Marland Hobbs and Aida Sadr shared their hopes for the new years — urging students to move out of their comfort zones for the rewarding experience of meeting people different from themselves.