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Tom Curran ’81 did not become a big league athlete as he vowed, when his father died, that he would. He became, instead, an Emmy award-wining cameraman and successful documentary director. Tom’s directorial-debut, Adrift, a “cinematic journey through Cape Cod, Alaska, and a father’s expectations of his Irish-American family” will debut in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts on Friday, August 9 at 8:00 p.m.

The documentary, which on August 2 won the directors’ award for best cinematography at the 11th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival, began in 1993 as a film about the world of striped bass fishing. Following his two brothers, Desmond and Gavin, both commercial striped bass fisherman, Tom slowly shifted away from fishing to a film that addresses how the death of his father affected him, his family and his career.

The 53-minute documentary created from a mixture of super-8 home movies, contemporary interviews, and verite cinematography, was created with help from a number of Milton alumni including: Llewelyn M. Smith ’72, writer; Jessica Lindley ’81, co-executive producer; and Jide Zeitlin ’81, executive producer.

Adrift has spawned a national outreach program centered on boys’ social and emotional development. The heart of the outreach effort will be community-based initiatives tied to local television broadcast of the film. Short videos for educational outreach will be developed and produced from the broadcast materials.

Tickets may be limited and can be purchased in advance by calling 617-369-3770.

Additional Adrift Screening Times:
August 10 – 2 p.m. *
August 11 – 12 p.m.
August 15 – 6:30 p.m.
August 17 – 1 p.m.
August 24 – 11a.m.
August 25 – 11a.m.
*Following the August 10 screening of the film will be a panel
discussion with three of Adrift ‘s advisors. The discussion is an opportunity to ask questions of the experts and filmmakers, Tom Curran and Tracy Heather Strain about the making of Adrift and issues of loss, family, and the expectations parents place on their children. Panelists include: youth sports specialist Dr. Jeff Beedy, death and bereavement specialist Dr. Phyllis Silverman, and filmmaker and Harvard faculty member Robb Moss.