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20222023 Donor Impact

Stories Behind the Impact

You Make a Difference

Support from donors touches every corner of our community. Faculty have the resources to develop their craft and meet the needs of their students in an exceptional learning environment, hundreds of students have access to a Milton education through financial aid, our facilities plans are being realized as we ready the new Cox Library in Wigglesworth Hall for a fall opening, and students are finding more ways to pursue their interests and develop leadership skills through Milton’s 100+ co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Your incredible commitment to Milton Academy makes all of this possible and more. In this video, Sara Kim P ’32 ’36 shares why she gives back to Milton as a parent donor and volunteer. Please enjoy learning more about our donors and share your own story by emailing us today.


Caring for the Whole Family

When Alok Kapoor P ’32 and his wife chose Milton for their daughter, they were most impressed by the school’s holistic educational approach that prepares children to be well-rounded, well-intended, and productive leaders. Little did they know, this holistic approach would extend far beyond academics for their family. Within a year of enrolling at Milton, their daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, and Alok’s wife passed away. 

Immediately, Lower School faculty rallied around the family, building a support network that would ensure Alok’s daughter would make it through the difficult days ahead. Alok shares, “The outpouring of support, even during the summer months, was off-the-charts amazing.” While Milton’s educators bolstered Alok’s daughter to thrive academically and emotionally, Alok also received the support he needed as an advocate for his daughter’s dyslexia diagnosis. The Lower School administration welcomed his feedback about supporting neurodiverse students and encouraged him to create a parent group for the Lower School, further expanding their support network. Alok shares, “I continue to be blown away by the amount of care given to our family, and it’s not just us; I have spoken to many other parents who have experienced the same kind of support. Milton was there for our family, and I give back so that Milton can continue to be there for other families.”


“I hope our family’s contribution helps Milton in achieving and building on their mission as well as making this world-class education more accessible to other families.” 

—Alok Kapoor P ’32

Investing in Math at Milton

This fall, Cox Library will relocate to a newly renovated space in Wigglesworth Hall, which will clear the way for a renovation of the existing space for math. The new Farokhzad Math Center will be transformed into a cutting-edge facility that will breathe new life into how math is delivered and experienced at Milton, both in and out of the classroom. Trustee Justin Walsh ’99 was involved in early conversations about the need for a new space for math, and his leadership and philanthropic support are playing a vital role in making this project possible. He shares, “Math was always my favorite subject at Milton, it was my major in college, and it is foundational in my career in investing. I am very excited to have a front-row seat to this project unfolding in the coming year.”

Milton is committed to teaching students how to think mathematically, to be resourceful, and to take responsibility for their own understanding. A building dedicated entirely to the study of math will enhance teaching and learning, create a stronger math community, and elevate the mathematics program at Milton. Justin shares, “As a trustee, alumnus, and a believer in the power of a Milton education and the critical importance of cultivating a strong foundation of math and problem-solving skills for future generations, I am pleased to support this prestigious addition to the Milton landscape.”


“There is so much Milton will gain through our investment in a building centered around math and its co-curricular programs, and I am proud to say that my family and I are philanthropic supporters of the project to build the new math center.”

—Justin Walsh ’99

A Gift With a Plan

As John Coburn ’59 approaches his 65th Reunion next year, he reflects fondly on his Milton experience. “I liked all of my teachers, classmates, and coaches, and those connections are still going,” says John. “There were twenty-five of us who went on to Harvard together and remained friends. I still go to all of my reunions!” When Milton Academy presented John with the opportunity to join the Forbes Goodwin Society by using proceeds from the sale of a family summer house to create a charitable remainder trust (CRT), he knew it was a great opportunity to give back to Milton. 

A CRT allows donors to give cash or appreciated assets to a nonprofit of their choice and receive payments as a fixed percentage of the trust’s annual value. It carries with it tax incentives, and when the trust terminates, the balance is transferred to Milton. John shares, “There were so many benefits of this type of gift. It was a way to give more without spending anything. We avoided taxes at the time of the sale, now we receive a percentage, and the school will get the remainder. I’m very glad I did it—it was a good decision.” John’s thoughtful gift will continue to support Milton’s students, faculty, and staff for years to come.


The Forbes Goodwin Society, named in honor of John Murray Forbes, who established the first endowment gift in 1885, and Sarah Storer Goodwin, who led the Girls’ School from 1901 to 1928, honors all donors who make planned gifts to Milton Academy.

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