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Reunion Gift Campaign

Give Back in Honor of Today’s Students and Faculty

Congratulations! This year, we hope you will be able to reconnect with your classmates, Milton faculty, and the school in honor of your reunion year.

You will have an opportunity to celebrate as a class at Reunion, June 14-15, 2024. You can also come together as a class to show your support for current Milton students and faculty by supporting your Reunion Gift Campaign. Please check back regularly for an update on your reunion gift results.

If you are interested in volunteering for your class’s Reunion Committee, please fill out our interest form at

Milton Fund Reunion Gift Crediting Rules FY24:

We updated our reunion gift crediting rules this year. The following will count toward the class fundraising and participation goals:

  • All Cash Gifts and Multi-year Pledges designated to the Milton Fund and recorded by June 30 of the current fiscal year that are payable within 5 years of the reunion year (i.e. 7/1/23–6/30/28).
  • Matching Gifts received in the current fiscal year
  • Planned Gifts designated to the Milton Fund starting with the 50th Reunion class

Comprehensive Total:

The comprehensive total is inclusive of all gifts and commitments made by members of the class during the fiscal year of the Reunion. This total includes:

  •  Milton Fund reunion gift total as outlined above
  •  All gifts, pledges, and planned gifts designated to the endowment and/or restricted funds (which do not count towards the reunion gift fundraising goals).

Current Totals:

As of June 18, 2024