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Building a culture of philanthropy.

To accommodate cohorting and remote learning, Milton Academy’s Thank-a-Giver Day will run November 2-13. Milton Fund donors support everything that makes Milton exceptional, including faculty, campus improvements, clubs, technology, arts, and so much more. Please participate in the activities below to learn more about the Milton Fund, and thank our donors.

Fast Facts

Last year was the most successful year for the Milton Fund in the School’s history!

Scavenger Hunt

Play along and learn more about the Milton fund! Click here for a Word version of the scavenger hunt, or click here for a PDF version. Please email completed sheets to One lucky winner will be selected to win a Starbucks gift card!


Who doesn’t love a good Instagram story game? Click the thumbnail below to download an Instagram BINGO board, play along, and share it with your friends!  Don’t have Instagram? Click here for a PDF version. Participants can send a screencap, photo, or scan of their board to for a chance to win Milton swag.

Virtual Thank You Card

Thank a giver!  Add to our Padlet thank-you card below, or click here to open it on a new screen. Write something from the heart, share a thank you video, or design and share a card. If you are stuck, try using the prompt below:

Dear Milton Grad,

Thank you for your gift to the Milton Fund. Your donation allows me to ___ and ___.
(insert clubs/athletics/academics you are involved in)
The Milton Fund supports these activities, and so much more. Thank you for giving back to our School!

Thank you,
(insert your first name, class year)