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Class Letter Template

Dear <Salutation>,

Hello Class of _____! Since our time as students, we have all drawn from our Milton experiences. Whether we have relied on our close relationships with friends and mentors, utilized the knowledge and skills we gained or benefited from the curiosity we developed, we have all led meaningful lives full of learning and discovery.

(This is a good place to insert Milton memories or shared experiences with your class.)

We hope you will join us in making a gift to support the mission and memories of Milton (in honor of the class of ___). The Milton Fund, which last year raised more than $5.6 million, is absolutely essential in closing the gap between revenues (tuition and endowment) and costs (academic and extracurricular programs, faculty salaries, financial aid). When you make your gift this year, consider directing it to one of the areas below that you want:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice: You support building an environment where all students and adults feel welcome, safe, and able to express their identities.

Facilities: You help ensure Milton’s physical spaces match the excellence of our curriculum.

Faculty Development: You provide necessary professional development, curriculum innovation, and compensation funds, enabling teachers to excel at their craft.

Financial Aid: You sustain Milton’s commitment to enrolling outstanding and qualified applicants regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.

The School’s Greatest Needs: You reduce Milton’s dependence on tuition and increase our ability to seize opportunities.

Last year, our class was proud to be at __% participation. Let’s try to surpass that in the coming year. No gift is too small (or too large).

Thank you for your support,

Class Agent