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09-03_grant_1One of 28 teenagers representing the counties throughout the Commonwealth, Grant Jones will participate on Governor Deval Patrick’s recently created Statewide Youth Council. The Youth Council was formed to give young people access to the governor, to increase youth participation in government, and to give young people a significant voice in the decision-making process. Council members’ responsibilities motivate them to be involved in their communities and to participate in problem solving through leadership and planning roles. At quarterly meetings, the members discuss issues important to the young people in their communities and learn from other communities. They reach out to other young people, recruiting their participation in local councils and considering with them ways to address youth-related issues. Ultimately, Youth Council members submit recommendations to the Governor’s Office about issues important in the lives of Massachusetts teenagers and about projects that young people might implement. Council members serve for two years, and during that time they participate in leadership training, educational events and development opportunities.