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Filmmaker Sam Kauffmann, associate professor of film at Boston University, will present his award-winning film, Living with Slim, to students from Classes I–IV on December 5. Mr. Kauffmann’s visit is co-sponsored by the AIDS Board and the visual arts department. In Living with Slim, seven African children, ranging in age from six to 17 years old, talk about what it’s like to be HIV positive. The children discuss how they felt when they first learned they were infected; the way they are treated at home and at school; and how the illness affects their daily lives. After his presentation, Mr. Kaufmann will meet with students during third period in Straus Library. Living with Slim garnered many awards, including the Special Achievement Award from the Boston Society of Film Critics; CINE Golden Eagle; Best Documentary Short, Woods Hole Film Festival; Best Documentary Short, New England Film & Video Festival; Audience Award, Best of Festival, Crested Butte Reel Fest; and the Jury Award, Best Documentary, Crested Butte Reel Fest.