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erin_martin2Milton students who compete on athletic teams become balance artists, synching academic, athletic and other extracurricular commitments. Competing at the varsity level for all three seasons is a particular challenge during senior year. This spring, Milton recognized six senior, varsity-level, three season athletes for their particular commitment to the athletics program and to their peers.

Erin Martin (I) (pictured left) played varsity field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse for three years, serving as captain on all three teams her senior year. She earned the Priscilla Bailey Award, given to a senior girl who has been a most valuable asset to Milton Academy.

“Playing on three different teams gave me the chance to grow close to people I may never have met, otherwise,” says Erin. “Many of my athletic experiences taught me life lessons. Balancing academics and sports, along with a captain’s responsibilities, was difficult at times, but everyone at Milton is understanding and flexible, which makes it easier, and so rewarding.”

Sarah Evans (I) also played varsity field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse.

“The biggest challenge is finding the extra time during the year,” says Sarah. “You have limited free time to do homework or college applications. You have to get things done and stay on top of you work. You learn time management and team chemistry. Being an excellent athlete is one thing, but being an excellent teammate is another challenge. But you’re playing three varsity sports, so how can it not be worth it?”

Brighid Noone (I), Erin and Sarah’s teammate on all three teams, concurred.

“Playing three sports was worth it for me because of the experiences and memories I take away from each sport,” says Brighid. “I loved being on a team—having a family and a place to feel welcome every season.”

Along with Erin, Brighid and Sarah, three other seniors were recognized at the M Club dinner for their participation in three, varsity-level sports and for their overall commitment to Milton athletics. Amy Chappel (Field Hockey, Skiing, Softball), Vincent Kennedy (Cross Country, Swimming, Track), and James Wang (Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse) joined the lineup of honorees.

“We want to honor Milton athletes playing three sports,” says Lamar Reddicks, director of athletics. “We presented to each of these seniors a framed, varsity letter to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.”