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Summary of Position:

Milton Academy is seeking a full-time Upper School math teacher. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of mathematics and enjoy promoting its understanding to students. As a teacher, you will be expected to actively engage and support students, create a positive classroom environment, and adjust your teaching methods as needed to support diverse learning styles. Collaborating with colleagues is also an important part of the job. We are seeking a candidate who is interested and experienced in teaching across the whole math curriculum, from core foundational high school courses, including statistics, to advanced, college-level courses. The department is actively working to deepen mathematics education, build culturally responsive classrooms, and improve equity and access to the field of mathematics for all students.

For 2024-25, the school seeks candidates who can contribute to the broader student experience, from co-curricular to athletic to residential life programming.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Teaching and Curriculum

  • Teach four classes focused in the Mathematics Department
  • Plan, develop and implement an engaging math curriculum in collaboration with other members of the Mathematics Department
  • Create a student-centered learning atmosphere that fosters critical thinking, inquisitive learning, and a positive classroom environment that encourages student participation and discussion.
  • Adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in mathematics education, trends, and innovations, and incorporate these into the program.
  • Learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in education; incorporate related principles when designing curriculum, teaching, and engaging with students.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop inter-departmental and cross-disciplinary projects and initiatives, including collaborating with the middle and lower school divisions on curriculum and instruction where appropriate.
  • Actively support students, providing mentorship and academic guidance.
  • Assess and evaluate student performance through assignments, projects, and exams.
  • Generate timely and comprehensive comments for each student, providing a well-rounded perspective on their academic performance.
  • Communicate effectively with students, parents, and colleagues regarding academic progress.

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