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10-05_bonenfant_1Jackie Bonenfant of the mathematics department has succeeded David Ball as the academic dean.  Ms. Bonenfant has long been respected as an excellent teacher and leader in her discipline; and an energetic participant in the many aspects of student and faculty life on campus. 

A member of the Milton Academy faculty since 1981, Ms. Bonenfant has taught all levels of mathematics from Algebra I through BC Calculus, including AP Statistics. She served as mathematics department chair from 1999 through 2006.  Ms. Bonenfant has co-coordinated Milton’s assembly programming, and the School’s standardized testing program; she has been Milton’s math club advisor.  Ms. Bonenfant’s diligence, thoroughness and wisdom are consistently sought; she has been a valued member of numerous ad hoc committees over the years, as well as of trustee committees and the Discipline Committee.  Always fully immersed in the life of the School, Ms. Bonenfant has lived in both Faulkner House and in Goodwin House, serving as house head in Faulkner from 1985–1988. She taught in Milton’s one-week Transition Program for students of color and international students from 2003–2007, and again in 2009.

In 1994, and again in 2009, Ms. Bonenfant earned the Talbot Baker Award for Excellence in Teaching. Making the award last June, Interim Principal Sarah Wehle, noted a comment from one of Jackie’s peers: “Jackie is masterful in getting her students to engage in the learning of mathematics, balancing the need for instruction with the need for critical questioning. Her students love her caring and demanding approach.”

Ms. Wehle noted, “Ms. Bonenfant has such experience and expertise as an educator that other teachers naturally seek her out to discuss both material and students. She served skillfully as department chair and is frequently asked to coordinate course groups since her collaborative leadership style allows teachers to develop their craft, just as her classroom style allows students to further their understanding.  Eager to continue her own education, Ms. Bonenfant is always among the first to test out new technologies and adapt them to classroom use.  Respect for her knowledge of teaching mathematics extends well beyond the walls of Milton. Other specialists in mathematics curricula appreciate her deep knowledge of the discipline and regularly ask her to evaluate the mathematics programs at other schools.” Everyone in the Upper School welcomes Ms. Bonenfant to her new role at Milton Academy and looks forward to working with her.