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Amnesty International at Milton Academy raised $1,500 to support Amnesty’s Stop Torture campaign. Jamnesty — hosting a festival of bands — was the fund raising idea that successfully drew in the donations. Co-heads of Amnesty, Alice Tin, Seohyung Kim and Lara Yeo, decided to organize a concert last spring when they became co-heads of the club. They began working in January to organize lighting, publicity, the bands, the stage and the tickets for the event that was held April 28.

In all, six acts appeared in addition to an intermission performance by Dylan Tedaldi (Class IV). A Milton group, “I cry myself to sleep every night because no one loves me, especially you,” opened the concert; band members include: Henry Parr, Zubin Thomas, Ezra Siegel (all Class II) and Will Alexander (Class III). Matt Larkin (Class I), followed by Jess Kingsdale (Class II), both performed solo acts, Larkin on the guitar with vocals, and Jess singing. Strictly for the Birds took the stage with a half hour set, before the intermission. At that point Dylan Tedaldi performed his famous “holler back girl” dance before Ivan Drago, a band from Belmont Hill, performed. Ivan Drago played an awesome set with support from Belmont Hill, Lexington and Roxbury Latin students, who created a little mosh pit in Ware Courtyard. After Ivan Drago, JEWZ closed the show with Milton’s own Justin Khan, Ezra Siegel, Will Alexander and Zubin Thomas (all Class II).

The show was a great success and it could not have happened without the efforts of the Amnesty’ers at Milton, Mr. Zannino and his facilities crew, Dar Anastos and her stage platforms, Matt Schoen (Class I) and AV, and Xan Aird (Class I).