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On June 7, 187 seniors received their diplomas and joined the Milton Academy alumni community. Graduation at Milton is a ceremony that carries years of tradition, including students electing their student speakers and the alum to deliver the commencement address. The Class of 2024 elected Lily Park and Bryan Sukidi as their student representatives, and the commencement address given by Jason Bowen ’00 (pictured). Jason is an actor and educator who has performed on Broadway, television, and film, and he reminded the class that they are ready for anything. He shared, “I can tell you from firsthand experience that receiving a diploma from this school means you’re absolutely ready to go in whatever direction you choose. I promise you, whatever you see for yourself, you have been given the tools to go and pursue it. It’s now on you to go and make your place in this world.” Click here to read their speeches, watch the ceremony in its entirety, and flip through photos from the day.