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Jonathan R. Brestoff, Milton Class of 2004 and a sophomore at Skidmore College, has been named a Goldwater Scholar. Jon was selected as one of 323 recipients on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1,081 mathematics, science, and engineering students who were nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide.

While at Milton, Jon completed an independent study on nutrition with science faculty member Patty Smith. At Skidmore he founded the Nutrition Action Council (SNAC). Last summer, as a Clinton Foundation intern, Jon worked with the American Heart Association’s campaign against childhood obesity. Additionally, he took summer school classes in anatomy and physiology at Northeastern University in Boston. With majors in chemistry and exercise science, his goal is to both teach and conduct clinical research as an MD/PhD in metabolic diseases, with an emphasis on the cellular pathways associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

While not at school in New York, Jon lives in Valencia, California, with his parents, Nick and Lois Brestoff.