Our Diversity Leadership

Heather_Flewelling_smHeather Flewelling
K–12 Director of Multiculturalism and Community Development
Heather leads in promoting and developing Milton’s mission to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community. She supports programs and curriculum that enhance cultural competency, in students and adults. Heather supports Milton’s efforts to ensure that students encounter a variety of ideas and viewpoints, bridging different disciplines and cultures. She supports faculty in their own growth, and in fostering citizens who think creatively and are prepared to help solve significant real-world problems.

Heather develops and reviews institutional policies, practices, and programs as they pertain to all forms of diversity; helps recruit faculty who enrich Milton’s multiculturalism; serves as a resource for students, faculty and parents; develops and facilitates professional development; and serves on committees that affect the School’s diversity efforts.

Before coming to Milton in 2002, Heather worked at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire and St. Barnabas College in South Africa. She serves on Call-to-Action, the think tank advisory counsel on diversity for the National Association of Independent Schools. Heather earned her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and received her master of social work from the University of California at Berkeley.