Our Students and Families


With a constant eye on early childhood development, we help our students understand themselves as dynamic, multifaceted people. This means teaching them to become self-aware and to navigate dialogue, and relationships, in a multicultural community.

Thirty-seven percent of K–8 students and their families define themselves as African-American, Asian-American, Latino, Middle Eastern or bi/multi-racial. Our students come from 35 different towns and cities in Massachusetts.

Children grow best when the adults in their lives are all able to support their growth and exploration of challenging issues. Our work with families, formal and informal, encourages conversations about issues such as developing racial identity, gender identity and expressing who you are, socioeconomic class, and diverse family structures.

We work with families on both an individual and group basis. Our Parent Diversity Committee, part of our K–8 Parents’ Association, organizes evening and weekend gatherings to discuss and share resources with one another. Recently, the group has screened documentaries about the lives of girls around the world; invited professional speakers to guide families through understanding racial identity development and gender identity and expression; and welcomed Upper School students to share their reflections about living in a multicultural School environment.

Our families provide invaluable support to our admission office, expanding the diversity of families considering a Milton education. We partner with the Steppingstone Foundation, sponsor Family Week in Provincetown, and march in the annual Boston Pride Parade.