lizwestOur kids do so many cool assignments at Milton, that I encourage you, when your child brings home an assignment that resonates with you, to try it out for yourself. Not only does this validate the work that we do at School, it also shows your child that you are willing to take a risk and do some similar work. I am attaching the poem and assignment here, so read it first and then try it out for yourself!


Where I’m From
Liz West

I am from the sweet sounds of country music to
     Mountains that touch the sky with snow-capped peaks.
I am from the smell of home and decorations at every holiday.
I am from dad’s blue chair where he spent long naps snoring softly,
     Sounds of Penn State football in the background.
I am from following in Matt’s footsteps with fierce determination in the pool
     and a Division I scholarship.

I am from writing to Santa and opening stockings before breakfast,
     And a single swing on a tall tree, swinging free and quiet.
I am from potato chips with french onion dip,
     And Trouble stories next to Grandpa’s crutches.
I am from fish and hamsters but never a dog.
     Eating cookie dough with mom and Christina while dad isn’t looking.

I am from frustration because school is hard but only for me
     and four schools before high school.
I am from “Hey y’all” and The Sound of Music.
I am from thatched chairs at the kitchen table
     And singing to scare away the monsters in the basement.

I am from turkey with everyone and laughing till we cry,
     And church on Christmas and Easter but praying everyday.
I am from a family who loves reading but I read too slowly.
I am from “Toujours en Francais” and flashlight tag with neighbors in the summer.
I am from lemony sugar crepes after skiing the Alps with dad and Matt
     And “Home is wherever I’m with you.”