Grade Five Curriculum

Milton’s fifth grade students grow as conceptual thinkers and focus on understanding events and situations from multiple perspectives. Students learn how to uphold and effectively communicate their own ideas, while also practicing the critical skill of listening to others for understanding. They become increasingly independent, in their learning and their organization habits. They learn to pace themselves, managing short-term guidelines for increasingly complex long-term projects. Grade 5 students are role models for Milton’s Lower School, leading weekly meetings and serving as buddies to our youngest students in Kindergarten. Students in Grade 5 grow in confidence as they expand their leadership skills.

In Grade 5, students ask “What is leadership? How do leaders lead? How can I make an impact on the world?” They investigate United States history, economics, civil rights, civil law and women’s suffrage. They explore geography and Greek mythology and culture. Students strengthen their independent writing skills, responsible for editing and revising their own work. They develop proficiency in persuasive writing, and they write and present poems to peers and parents. Students begin using individual Chromebooks and are expected to manage much of their coursework using learning management software.

Studies and Skills

Language Arts
Writing small moment personal narratives, memoirs, and research-based reports and argument essays

Grammar work on sentence structure, verb tenses, comma use

Continuing work on spelling and learning new vocabulary words

Using evidence to support written and oral statements

Reading program that begins with the summer reading book and is followed by titles such as Esperanza Rising, The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, Tuck Everlasting and Students on Strike

Social Studies and Geography
U.S. History: from the First Americans through Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement

World geography and map skills: identifying political boundaries, topographical features, longitude/latitude, map legends and scale

Taking on multiple perspectives

Refining research skills, presenting about countries, people and culture

Spanish Language and Culture
Developing cultural awareness and understanding of the Spanish countries and influence

Reading, listening and interpreting simple stories and skits

Understanding of basic grammar structures

Conjugating all verb forms (-ar, -er, -ir) in present tense

Reading Spanish proverbs

Learning about Hispanic heritage and change agents

Learning partnership with El Pilar school in Madrid

Understanding the relationships between the prime factorization of a number and its factors and multiples

Understanding fractions as division

Multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals

Understanding ratios as comparisons of two numbers

Building and using rate tables to solve problems about ratios

Solving problems about percents including problems about tax, tips, discounts and percent change

Solving problems about circles and cylinders

Reflecting and communicating about problems and solutions

Engineering (wind vehicles, spinning tops, LEGO robotics)

Understanding life cycles through owl pellets and human body systems

Critical thinking, asking questions, designing and experiment

Graphing and calculator work

Note taking, data collection and interpretation

Measuring and safe lab practices

Research, writing and developing conclusions

Computer Science and Instructional Technology
Introduction to Chromebook program

Continuing work on word processing and keyboarding with the goal of typing with correct fingers at a rate of 15 WPM by the end of the year

Continuing to use of Google applications to support classroom work and projects

Studying guidelines for acceptable use of technology and good digital citizenship

Computer science with Scratch

Robotics using LEGO Mindstorms

Library and Information Science
Genre book talks (recognizing features of various genres; sharing favorite books)

Critical reading, informed literary discussion

Exposure to new authors and genres

Using and expanding library research skills

Evaluating web and database resources for usefulness and accuracy

Integrating details from multiple sources

Creating a list of sources or bibliography of information used in a project

Visual Arts
Clay sculpture unit

Art of social change

Grade 5 play set design and painting

Using critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills in design, sculpture, drawing painting and clay

Visualizing, planning and executing complex, multi-step projects

Communicating visual ideas effectively and creatively

Learning improvisation and character development

Monologue writing and performance

Musical theatre performance

Audition process and spring musical

Blocking and choreography

Taking on diverse perspectives through character explorations

Music and Performing Arts
History of African American music and the music of social change

Musical form and sonnet writing

Composition and choral technique

Ensemble singing and choral music reading

Breath control, vocal technique, vocal projection, stage presence and movement

Orchestral exposure

Physical Education and Fitness

Improving physical fitness

Developing skill competencies in sports offered by our Middle School athletics program

Participating in team and individual sports

Taking part in Project Adventure

Developing teamwork skills