Problem Solving Resources

After you select your puzzle size, operations, and difficulty level, use arithmetic and logical thinking to complete the grid. (You might also consider downloading the KenKen NCTM app in the iTunes store.)

NRich Math,
Enjoy these engaging, challenging math problems from the University of Cambridge.

Bedtime Math,
Use the problems and activities on this site to embed math into your daily summer activities.

Jo Boaler and her colleagues at Stanford University offer students a treasure trove of engaging and challenging tasks. Go to “tasks” and sort by grade… And parents, be sure to check out the fascinating articles about mathematics teaching and learning as well.

The books Family Math and Family Math for Young Children contain engaging and exciting activities for families to try out together.

Multiplication Math Fact Practice

The Product Game,
This online game is a fun, interactive way to practice multiplication facts. The goal is to get four products in a row before the computer does.