JohnHA Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. This is called the Scout Law, it is the “code” or list of everything a Boy Scout should emulate. Boy Scouts was organized to gather young men together, and teach them the values inherent in a lifetime of service and good citizenship. One of the greatest lessons that Boy Scouts has taught me is that every day when you get out of bed, you have a choice: the choice to contribute positively to society, or to do nothing and just follow the crowd.

Because of Boy Scouts, my family, and many other factors in my life, I try to be a positive contributor to my community. I have been pursuing this by working on earning my Eagle Scout rank, which is considered the pinnacle of scouting. In my efforts to achieve this rank, I am continually being exposed to life lessons and new perspectives, which have enriched my understanding of the world. Scouting has always given me a wide variety of skills that I have been able to apply into my everyday life, like how to lead a group effectively, or how to organize projects in advance. I have also been introduced to many moral concepts that I think are just as important.

I volunteered at the Friendship Home for my “citizenship in the community” badge. The Friendship Home is a recreational center where children and young adults with special needs go to take part in activities with their peers. Despite being affected by severe challenges, the children were all extremely joyful and positive about nearly everything. I realized that your experience in almost every part of life depends on your attitude in the face of hardship. I have used all of the skills that I have learned from Scouts, for the most part in preparation for earning my Eagle, but these skills and lessons will outlast my pursuit of this rank.

That is the beauty of having a passion that you enjoy and still learn from, in the same way that I continue to learn from Scouts. The concept of “love what you do” could be applied to this situation, or maybe it could be called “love what you learn.” That’s why I chose Milton Academy, because it has given all of us from kindergarten to the Upper School a passion and joy for learning. Because we have enjoyed being at Milton, we have been inspired to Dare to Be True.