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pensive_girl_1The Nesto Gallery welcomes a new exhibit this week. In Letting Loose: Digital Collages, Wendy Seller uses graphic design software to layer paintings with elements of existing imagery.

“Ms. Seller’s work is based on assembling fragments of historical art paintings and reconfiguring them,” says art faculty member and Nesto Gallery director, Anne Neely. “In discovering parts of paintings, she takes them out of their setting and creates new meaning for them in more contemporary ways.”

A professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, Ms. Seller has exhibited her work across the United States and overseas. She has also been published in Boston Globe Magazine and the New York Times.

To welcome the artist and her work, Milton will host an opening reception on Tuesday, February 7, in the Nesto Gallery from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The Gallery is located on the lower level of the Art and Media Center. The exhibit will run through March 6.

Visit to learn more about the artist.