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10-04_nesto_2Marky Kauffmann’s photography on exhibit at the Nesto Gallery is titled “Prayer Images.”  According to Ms. Kauffmann, these works evolved as gift prayers for family and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer. “Some of those for whom these images were made have succumbed to the disease. Others are valiant, courageous survivors. I see the images as tributes to, and prayers for, both.” Students, faculty and the public can view this collection by Ms. Kauffmann at the Nesto from April 13 through May 17.

Forty images fill the gallery with symbols, shapes and brushed gestures, paying homage to and entreating the universe: concepts of birth, death, light, dark, beauty and ugliness intermingle. Through the digital process, the artist makes photographic montages. She explores themes through a variety of experimental processes using liquid emulsion, toners, potassium ferricyanide and other photographic materials to create layers of built-up images and gestural shapes painted by hand.

In 1956, Ms. Kauffmann’s maternal grandmother founded Ikebana International, an organization dedicated to the cultivation of the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging. Ms. Kauffmann’s recollection of her grandmother’s use of  line, shape, pattern, texture, symmetry and asymmetry to create harmonic relationships in her arrangements inspire Ms. Kauffmann’s work. The Asian lettering on her photographs references her grandmother’s connection to the Asian artistic expressions.

Ms. Kauffmann exhibits her work in New York City at the SoHo Photo Gallery and at galleries and institutions throughout Massachusetts such as Pine Manor College and the University of Lowell. A winner of numerous awards, Ms. Kauffmann is a graduate of Boston University and New England School of Photography.

The Nesto exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m to 3 p.m. The Nesto Gallery is located on the lower level of the Old Science Building at Milton Academy. For more information, please contact Anne Neely at 617-696-9073.