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Capping off a nearly perfect year of competition, the Milton Academy math team finished first in the New England Math League (NEML). Milton was just one point shy of perfection, scoring 179 out of 180 possible points across six contests. 

Milton’s math competitors bested dozens of public and private schools for the championship—the runners-up scored 172 and 160 points. 

“We have a lot of really talented and intelligent people here,” said Vickie Mao ’26. “It’s very fun but we take it seriously, and it’s a good way to challenge yourself.”

Advisor and Math Department faculty member Phil Robson said the team had 17 students compete in all six contests this year, the school’s highest ever participation. “They’re extremely motivated, and it’s been rewarding to see it pay off.”

Anyone can join the math team, Vickie said. The fun and welcoming atmosphere helps to demystify some of the more challenging aspects of competition. This year’s Upper School competitors shared their excitement with the Middle School in April, hosting M Cubed, a contest designed and proctored by the older students.  

The interest in math and competitions is exciting to see, and there are several strong underclassmen poised to defend the championship next year, Mr. Robson said. 

“We have a lot of good mathematicians on our team this year,” said Devan Agrawal ’25 earlier in the season. “One thing that’s nice about the NEML is that you don’t have to learn a lot of new concepts. You have to practice critical thinking and creative problem solving, and I think Milton Academy students in general already shine with that.”