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1_11Last Wednesday, the Milton R.O.V. team maneuvered its way past M.I.T., Maine Maritime Academy, and eight other teams during the 2003 Regional Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) contest, earning a place in the June 2003 National Competition.

Milton Academy’s vehicle, M.A.R.O.V. I, earned the top mission score in the underwater search and rescue mission, and second place overall.

The 20-minute pool mission involved an 8 to 12-foot dive on a Titanic mock-up aided only by navigation from the mounted, underwater camera on the vehicle. M.A.R.O.V. I.’s mission was to find, gather and bring to the surface 20 ‘c-probes’ hidden within the confines of the eight-chambered, submersed structure. The M.A.R.O.V. I gathered 16 of the 20, colored-coded probes (with varying point values), earning 44 out of a possible 50 points—easily outdistancing its competitors for the top mission score of the day. At the controls of the M.A.R.O.V. I were Ben Hur (II) and Lenny Mazzone (II), along with operational assistants Clare Bernard (III) and David Wu (III) by the poolside.

Milton’s R.O.V. team began its work in early March with brainstorming and white board sessions. They began in earnest with the final design phases and construction on April 1. Modifications began after the first of two trial test flights at UMass-Boston’s pool.

Team Members on site also included Albert Kwon (II), Jon Barry (III), Jon Simpson (II), Matt S. Miller (III), Andrew Oates (III), Ben Smith (IV), Doria Cole (III), Sofia Warner (III), George Warner (IV), Sam Minkoff (IV), Colin Baker (II), Andrew deStadler (III), Brooks Diehl (II), Dina Guzovsky (II) and Colby Tucker (III)
The Milton Academy R.O.V. Team will prepare for the June competition with an intra-school R.O.V. event where all entrants will design, build and fly their own vehicles in an underwater event in Milton Academy’s pool. All our welcome to join and learn with the team.

This year’s R.O.V. events are sponsored by Walden Media, the National Underwater Research Center (CT.), the Marine Advanced Technology Education (M.A.T.E.) Center (CA.), and M.A.T.E.’s R.O.V. Committee.