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Barely removed from their famous and frequent “Milton in the Morning” skits, Milton grads from the Class of 2003 have taken Brown TV (BTV) by storm, reports the Brown Daily Herald. The brainchild of Luke Harris, “Thayer Street” is a new sketch comedy show that works through puppet characters to parody the Brown lifestyle. “Harris approached David Dryer, Trey Hunt and Jon Magaziner (all Milton 2003) and the three agreed to work as a production team.”

According to the Brown Daily Herald, “Raucous laughter during the premiere of the ‘Thayer Street,’ proved that although we may have outgrown ‘Sesame Street,’ we are never too old for puppets.”

The television show is described as “a winning, strikingly diverse combination of MTV’s ‘Sifl and Olly,’ NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the genius of the cast.”

The main puppets, Steve (Jon Magaziner) and Brody (TreyHunt, now known as CJ), college roommates, undergo the usual college dorm experiences whether it is arguing about housekeeping duties or dealing with an obnoxious classmate. The majority of the comedy is executed through a series of sketches seen on the puppets’ TV. Skits have included a talk show hosted by Brown University’s President (CJ Hunt) or a Russian spin-off of “Sex and the City.”

“But the show’s sketches are more than just funny, reports the Brown Daily Herald. “’There is a very subtle political component on the show,’ Harris said. Even Steve the puppet wears a Howard Dean button. Camera work and animation live up to the quality of the sketches… Luke described the vibe among the cast as a ‘group mentality,’ adding, ‘We all really enjoy working together.’”