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08-01_tedaldi_1Dylan Tedaldi (Class II) was among just 71 dancers in the world—only 20 of them boys—to participate in the 36th Annual Prix de Lausanne competition in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The Prix de Lausanne is a dance competition reserved for young student dancers aiming to pursue a professional career in dancing.

“Of all the international ballet competitions, this prize is probably the most coveted,” said performing arts faculty member Kelli Edwards.  “Just to be selected to compete is an honor.”

The Prix’s artistic committee chose the 71 dancers out of a pool of applicants from as many as 22 nations.  According to the Prix de Lausanne’s Web site, Dylan was not only picked to participate due to his achievements to date, but for his “advanced technical skills” and his potential to “succeed within a dancing career.”  The weeklong competition begins on January 29.