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scoreboardOn a day when New England fall weather unleashed its best and worst—brilliant sun, torrential downpours and a double rainbow—the varsity football team tore its way through the mud to a historic 500th win, in a victory over St. Paul’s School, 42–12.

Quarterback Mike Silva (III) rushed nine times for 172 yards and had two touchdowns. Running back Domenic Cozier (II) rushed 16 times for 222 yards and three touchdowns. Jude Simplice (I) tallied the sixth touchdown for the Mustangs.

Both Mike and Domenic say they were aware all week leading up to the game about the possibility of the historic win, but during the game their focus was just on playing well. “It wasn’t until the last two minutes of the game that I remembered we were going to get our 500th win,” says Mike.

Mike says that although the team got off to a slow start this year, they’ve improved every week, working hard and pulling together. His highlight of the season so far was playing a Friday night game against Roxbury Latin under the lights at Milton High School. “The atmosphere was great, and everyone came out to cheer us on,” he says.

Domenic says the “biggest challenge is this weekend when we play Governor’s Academy.” A win would give the Mustangs a shot at playing in a post-season bowl game. Milton’s football program, which began in 1892 with an undefeated season (2–0), now holds an overall record of 500 wins and 293 losses.