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08-11_oxfam_1Sponsored and run by the Community Service Board, Milton hosted the Oxfam Hunger Banquet in Forbes Dining Hall on Monday, November 10.  Each year, students and faculty are issued lottery tickets at lunch on Oxfam Day to let them know whether they would eat a regular meal, rice and gravy, or just a bowl of rice. The goal of the event is not only to raise awareness of world hunger, but also, by donating the money saved at the dining hall, raise funds for the humanitarian Oxfam charity.

“Hopefully students felt inspired by the banquet, and felt encouraged to find ways to conserve resources as best they can, whether that means not throwing away food in Forbes, or deciding to volunteer at the local Food Bank once a week,” said John Nimmo (I). “All in all, Oxfam was a success again, and the Community Service Board looks forward to hosting the event next year.”

If you would like to help more, visit With every click, sponsors donate 1.1 cups of food—consider visiting the site every day.