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The Milton Medal

The Milton Medal is Milton Academy’s highest honor and an expression of the school’s deep gratitude to those who have contributed the most to our community. Established in 1982, the Medal is bestowed by the Board of Trustees in recognition of extraordinary service and especially meritorious contributions to Milton Academy. Because of the high standard that must be met, the Medal is awarded solely at the Board’s discretion to a select few. Milton Medal recipients include people who have demonstrated exceptional volunteerism, dedication to teaching, a deep commitment to our mission, strong fundraising, extraordinary generosity, distinctive leadership, innovation, and truly uncommon devotion to the school.

Head of School Todd Bland Receives Milton’s Highest Honor

On May 5, the Board of Trustees honored Head of School Todd B. Bland with its highest honor, the Milton Medal, recognizing his 14 years of exemplary service to the school and the love and care for all members of the Milton community at the heart of his work.

In awarding Bland the medal, Board of Trustees President Claire M. Hughes ’90 stated, “Throughout his extraordinary successes, like the Dare campaign and his deft execution of the school’s strategic plan—and challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic and the historical sexual misconduct investigation, that might have immobilized a lesser leader, Todd has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the people who comprise our wonderful community. Most notably he dedicated himself to leading the school to necessary healing.
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Bradley M. Bloom P ‘06 ‘08 Awarded the Milton Medal

On May 5, the Board of Trustees honored former Board member (2004-2015) and former president (2009-2015) Bradley M. Bloom with its highest honor, the Milton Medal, recognizing him for his leadership of a wide range of crucial institutional advances—from faculty relations; to enhanced board governance and oversight; to the identification of bold strategic priorities; to launching a critical capital campaign.

In sharing her reflections, Board of Trustees President Claire M. Hughes Johnson ‘90 noted, “It is profoundly clear to me—as I hope it will be for all of you—that Brad’s service to Milton Academy and the progress he achieved have evolved from ‘leadership’ to ‘legacy,’ resonating for our Board, our broader Milton community, and for students now and into the future.”
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Lisa Donohue ’83 Recognized with Milton Medal

On April 30, 2022, the Board of Trustees honored its outgoing president, Lisa Donohue ’83, with the Milton Medal, recognizing her years of leadership and dedication during a significant period of growth for Milton Academy. “Lisa’s incredible service to Milton clearly makes her deserving of this important honor,” said Board member Claire Hughes Johnson ’90, who will succeeded Donohue as president.
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Past recipients of the Milton Medal (1983–Present)

Todd B. Bland P ’13 ’14 ’14
Head of School 2014–2023

Bradley M. Bloom P ’06 ’08

Elisabeth B. Donohue ’83

John P. Reardon ’56

Franklin W. Hobbs IV ’65 P ’98
H. Marshall Schwarz ’54 P ’84
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George A. Kellner P ’87

Francis D. Millet

John Zilliax P ’84

Katherine B. Herzog P ’80
James M. Fitzgibbons ’52 P ’87 ’90 ’93

Priscilla Winn P ’83 ’86 ’93
Harold W. Janeway ’54 P ’79 ’81 ’87

Jean M. McCawley

Arthur S. Hall
John C. Robinson ’49 P ’74 ’78 ’82
June N. Robinson ’49 P ’74 ’78 ’82

Richard Bassett
Edward Lintz P ’89 ’92 ’95
Louise C. Lintz P ’89 ’92 ’95

Priscilla Bailey
Barclay Feather

Jane Cheever Carr ’53 P ’78 ’85
H. Adams Carter ’32 P ’61 ’65 ’66

Ruth Jaeger
Johnston Torney ’37 P ’82 ’83

Elizabeth Greenleaf Buck P ’64

Frances Weld McDermott ’40 P ’60 ’66 ’73
Malcolm D. Perkins ’32 P ’64 ’65 ’66 ’69

Henry Bigelow Jackson ’23 P ’50 ’50 ’61

Lucy C. Withington P ’60 ’62
Herbert G. Stokinger ’24 P ’56
Albert Oliver Smith P ’76 ’77

Emilie Stuart Perry P ’50 ’53

Ellen Rice Hallowell Pratt ’24 P ’48 ’50

Margaret A. Johnson
Laurence M. Lombard ’13 P ’53 ’57