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science_symp3_1Advanced science students were also advanced communicators on Friday evening at Milton’s Third Annual Science Symposium in the Pritzker Science Center. For students enrolled in advanced biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science, discussing independent projects that they’ve pursued over the last several weeks is their culminating work. Milton science faculty invited Caleb Warren (I) and Lydia Emerson (I) to be the Symposium’s keynote speakers. Caleb and Lydia framed the event by sharing their experiences of doing science at Milton.  

Students work as individual investigators, in pairs or in several cases a team of three—more than 35 students are involved. The Milton scientists developed posters that describe their work, and talked with faculty, friends and parents about their process and outcomes. 

Within the four discipline areas, student projects were wide ranging. Examples include:

  • Jess Li: “The Effect of Population Density on Duckweed Lemna Minor Growth”
  • Brian Cho and Charles Wang: “Cloud Chambers: varying alcohol chain length and concentration to optimize cloud trail visibility from radioactive sources”
  • Emily Spencer and Ellyn Golden: “Investigating the Location of a Point Source Nitrate Effluent in the Pine Tree Brook”
  • John McDonough and Tom Goode: “A Study of Wiffle Ball Aerodynamics”