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Meredith Weber ’04, was one of 600 students recognized for outstanding writing performance by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). The NCTE’s Achievement Awards recognize some of the best student writers in the nation.

Meredith was nominated by the Milton Academy English department during her junior year. Once nominated, Meredith was required to submit two written compositions: an impromptu theme written under teacher supervision on a topic designated by NCTE, and one sample of writing that Meredith considered her best work. The written compositions were read by two judges— one high school and one college English teacher. The judges looked for writing that demonstrated effective and imaginative use of the English language to inform and move an audience.

While students are nominated during their junior year, the NCTE does not announce award winners until October of the student’s senior year. Meredith will receive a certificate from the NCTE and her name will be published in the 2003 Achievement Award Winners Booklet.