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The Milton Academy Speech and Debate team talked their way to the top at the National Catholic Forensic League (CFL) National Tournament this past weekend. This year’s team, twenty-five qualifiers strong, won the Masterson Overall Sweepstakes Award and was recognized as the National Champions in the overall category of the tournament for the second consecutive year.
Milton’s team of 25 competed against 185 teams from across the country and over 200 competitors in each of the individual categories. Milton Speech students won the CFL National Speech Title for their participation in just speech events, and the Milton Academy Congress team of Hays Golden and David Snider won the CFL National Cumulative Sweepstakes Championship in Student Congress.

Members of the Milton national team included: Josh Bone, Pablo Ros, Julianne Gale, Jon Magaziner, Dan McLennan, Liz Zembruski, Tom Coleman, Whitney Meza, Kate Walker, Julia Cain, Jessica Giannone, Wen Chuan-Dai, Celeste Hughey, Scott Chaloff, Meredith Weber, Lisa Campbell, Ngozi Anidi, Trey Hunt, Takiyah Gray, Jess Comras, Ben Steiner, Dina Guzovsky, David Snider and Hays Golden.

Individual Results:
Dramatic Duo: Julianne Gale and Jon Magaziner 4th
Congress: Hays Golden- 4th
Prose/Poetry: Trey Hunt- 4th
Prose/Poetry: Ngozi Anidi- 5th
Declamation: Scott Chaloff
Congress: David Snider
Declamation: Celeste Hughey
Extemporaneaous Speaking: Josh Bone and Pablo Ros
Duo: Liz Zembruski and Dan McLennan