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08-01_music_festival_1Five Milton Academy students participated in the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Eastern District Music Festival hosted at Boston University on January 4 and 5.  The festival is part of the MMEA’s mission to “promote the advancement of music education” and “encourage music activities among schools of the Commonwealth.”  Auditions to select student performers were held in November of 2007. Among the talent selected were Kate de Stadler (Class II), Karen Lively (Class III), Jonathan Yu (Class III), William Yu (Class II), and Kimberlee Chang (not photographed).

“The MMEA festivals feature some of the best performers in the state,” said music department chair, Don Dregalla. “The Eastern district, which is new this year, features schools in and around Boston and is probably the strongest musically.  For a school the size of Milton, getting five students into the festival is an achievement.”