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09-11_oxfam_1As part of Milton’s Hunger Awareness Week, the Community Service Board hosted the annual Oxfam Hunger Banquet in Forbes Dining Hall on Tuesday, November 17. Once each year, students and faculty members draw lottery tickets at lunch that indicate whether they will eat a regular meal, rice and gravy, or just a bowl of rice. The goal of the event is not only to raise awareness of world hunger, but also, in donating the money saved by the dining hall, raise funds for the humanitarian Oxfam organization. As a result of this year’s banquet, Milton donated $1,830.

In addition, 120 students, administrators and faculty members pledged to “eat mindfully,” eating lunches of only rice for the duration of the week. “In learning the value of a bowl of plain rice, participants hoped to gain an appreciation for the diversity of their normal diets,” said Community Service Board Co-Head Evan McManamy (I). “The pledge encouraged the Milton community to eat mindfully, considering what we eat, where our food comes from, and the effects of our dietary choices.”