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teen-hacksAlong with computer science faculty member Chris Hales, Milton’s programmers attended the Teen Hacks LI Hackathon in Long Island, New York. Aaron Lockhart (III), Sebby Park (III), Tim Colledge (III) and a friend of Aaron’s built an app called BiParse, which indicates whether a given article has a liberal or conservative bias. They earned first place in the competition. Sur+, built by Zack Ankner (II) and Alex Rodriguez (II), lets users donate a certain percentage of every payment they make to a charity of their choice. They earned third place. Miriam Zuo (II), Kendelle Grubbs (II) and Shiloh Liu (IV) built Find Your Reps, an app which allows Americans to learn about their local representatives. James Perreault (III) built CensorFlow, a parental controls app for Google Chrome. Ben Botvinick (III) teamed up with a friend from Philadelphia to build Charity Banner, which allows web developers to donate their web traffic to charity.