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08-11_football_1On Saturday, November 15, Milton’s football team defeated King Low Heywood Thomas by a score of 29-14 in the Samson Lorden Bowl at Kingswood-Oxford in West Hartford, Connecticut. The Mustangs qualified for the Bowl based on the strength of this season’s schedule and on their impressive 7-1 record. Saturday’s game marked the sixth straight victory for Milton and the first loss of the season for the unbeaten King Low Heywood Thomas team.

Captained by seniors George Haydock and Josh Scott, and bolstered by a core of 19 returning seniors, the team has had a remarkable season, more often than not beating their opponents by more than 20 points. Aaron Whitmore, the team’s defensive ends coach, says, “The team has worked so hard this season. George and Josh have led by example, both on and off the field, and have done a great job of creating a family-like atmosphere on the team. We’re lucky to have a strong senior class—guys that have been playing in the program for a while, who are committed to succeed and do well. These players love football.” Many of the team’s graduating seniors plan to continue their football careers at the college level, some of whom will be playing in Division I.

The Samson Lorden Bowl is named for Bob Samson and Joel Lorden, both coaches in the New England Prep School Football Coaches Hall of Fame.