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Senior Scott Motejunas’s skiing accomplishments are many – but most meaningful to him, he says, is his designation as this year’s Independent School League (ISL) MVP.

“Since freshman year, it has been my goal to achieve that status,” says Scott, who served as team captain this year. “After training with the Green Mountain Valley School at Sugarbush [in Vermont] and attending sessions at summer ski camp at Mt. Hood, Oregon, I was prepared to tackle this year’s tough competition.”

In addition to being named ISL MVP (1st in the league standings), Scott was also named team MVP and selected for “All New England Team” (2nd in Giant Slalom and 5th in Slalom at New England Class B Championships); he captured ISL Council All League Honors for the third consecutive year and finished first in the Giant Slalom at the end-of-the-year ISL Championships.

“I’ve been on the ski team since seventh grade. I’ve had some of the best memories of high school (and middle school) on the slopes of Blue Hills, where we train, and Nashoba Valley, where we race. The main focus each year is to have fun and be fun,” Scott says. “At the end of each season, seniors often bring crazy outfits to the final races and practices. I can remember being a middle-schooler and seeing these giant seniors running a slalom course in tuxedos and some in their underwear.”

Scott, who plans to continue competitive skiing in college, says snowball fights, ski trips up north and team dinners have contributed to his success as a skier and to his love of the sport and his team. “We have won the ISL league title for four consecutive years because the kids are dedicated and committed to the sport, and we have fun.

“The ski program offered at Milton is unlike anything else in the ISL,” Scott says. “Many ski team members chose Milton over other ISL schools because Milton, first, offered a ski program and, second, had a great one at that.

“A lot of people think that because Milton is so close to Boston, we don’t get adequate training. But, as we demonstrated in the ISL and New England’s this year, you don’t have to be located in Western Mass or New Hampshire to ski well.”

Scott says that he had to decide his freshman year whether to attend Milton or a ski academy in Vermont. “ I chose Milton not only for its superior academics, but also for its great ski program. The man who started it all in the 1970’s is still the coach to this day: David Eastburn. He, along with great help from Paul Menneg, has maintained the ski team.

“Mr. Eastburn is an exceptional coach, because of his care for the skiers, as well as his ability to multi-task–managing the team, getting practice times at the hill, setting the courses, and debating with other coaches at the races. His love for the sport and dedication to the team make him a wonderful coach.”