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Dear Mountain School people,

After careful consideration–and many conversations with David Stephens–I have decided that I cannot continue in my position as Director of the Mountain School after this semester. I love the Mountain School and have loved my life here, but I am getting more and more fatigued each year and seem unable to catch up on my strength. It is time for David and me to shift to a less demanding life.

I am pleased with the work I have done since I came here in 1994. I believe that I have continued the tradition and values of the school, and have made substantial improvements in some key areas. I have been blessed to work with fine colleagues and terrific students.

I regret only the abruptness of my announcement and the fatigue that has precipitated it. The time has come for me to realize that after thirty-two years of secondary school teaching and administrating, I do not have the necessary energy reserves to meet my own demands for life at the Mountain School.

While my departure is saddening it is also an exciting opportunity. I know that an excellent person will appear to take this position. We count on you–graduates, parents, and friends–to reach out to possible candidates. My opportunity here came–not through any head search–but through the action of one person who cared about the school.

In 1993 Peter Hayes of Lakeside School put a letter on my desk–I was then the Director of the Upper School there. The letter started: “What you need to know if you want to be the director of the Mountain School.” I read the letter and immediately called that now oh so familiar number–802-685-4520–and set in motion the application that would end up with my becoming the director. We need all of you to help find the appropriate person who will have the great privilege to lead this precious school.

Anne Stephens
Mountain School Director