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On February 15, Milton Academy hosted former Marine captain Nathan Fick in Wigglesworth Hall where he shared his experience in the Iraq War and his book One Bullet Away – The Making of a Marine Officer. Fick, originally from Maryland, graduated from Dartmouth College earning high honors, concentrating in classics and government. Following college, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Only weeks after 9/11, Fick led his platoon into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Following that mission, he joined Recon and led a reconnaissance platoon in combat during the earliest months of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Nathan Fick left the Marines in 2003 as a captain to pursue a masters degree in interational security at Harvard University and an MBA at the Harvard Business School. His novel, written about his experience and his controversial opinions about the war, has been featured on 60 Minutes, the BBC, and NPR; other writings by Fick have appeared in newspapers across the country.