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09-12_nesto_gallery_small_1Milton’s Nesto Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition on the idea of art in design. Called Black, White, Color, Shape, the show features five artists who work with various media defining and redefining essential forms and patterns in nature. The results are oftentimes abstract, giving viewers a chance to imagine beyond the simple forms before their eyes or simply appreciate the lyrical beauty of what they see. A mix of illusion, math and geometry appears in the visual effects of some of these artworks.  

Black, White, Color, Shape includes the work of artists John Guthrie, Ellen Rich, Matthew Rich, Heidi Whitman and Kevin Wixted. Each of these artists will exhibit new works and new configurations of their ideas.

The show opened on Tuesday, December 8 with a reception from 5:30–7 p.m. in the Gallery, located on the lower level of the Old Science Building. On Wednesday, December 9, Matthew Rich talked with students and faculty in Greeley Auditorium about discovering art in a presentation entitled “When You Could Do Anything.”