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Staying Safe in Winter Weather

Most students and adults at Milton Academy spend part of every school day outdoors, whether traveling between buildings for classes or enjoying some recreational time. When winter weather strikes, our Facilities Services team deploys quickly to ensure that campus roads and pathways are safely cleared for driving and walking. New England weather, however, can be unpredictable, so all of us need to make sure that we are prepared personally as well.

Dress Appropriately

Wear warm clothing in layers, including coats, hats, and gloves or mittens. When temperatures dip below freezing, take care to cover exposed skin. Shoes or boots should be waterproof or water resistant with low heels and good treads.

Watch for Hazards

Melting snow and puddles can freeze quickly. Walk slowly and carefully, using hand railings on stairs and looking out for black ice on pavement. Be alert when walking in and out of buildings, as snow and ice can shift and fall from roofs and overhangs. As always, pay attention when crossing the streets around campus. When entering a building with wet shoes or boots, please use the doormats to dry them off quickly.

What to Do in An Emergency

In case of injury or other immediate danger, call Campus Safety at 617-898-2911. Campus Safety officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Urgent buildings and grounds issues should be reported to Facilities Services at 617-898-2411 during regular business hours and to Campus Safety at all other times.