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The long-standing and celebrated rivalry between Milton and its neighbor, Noble and Greenough School, will once again bring the schools’ athletes and fans together for the favorite Milton/Nobles weekend. In a historic first, heads of school shared messages focused on the depth and meaning of a rivalry central to both schools’ identities. At Monday morning’s assembly, Head of School Todd Bland read a message from Nobles Head of School Bob Henderson to Milton students, while Mr. Henderson shared Todd’s words with Nobles students. Both sides look forward to a fun-filled weekend of good spirit and healthy competition. Be sure to check the online calendar for the weekend’s game schedule.

Message to the Nobles Community
November 2010
Todd Bland, Head of School, Milton Academy

My father went to Milton; his twin brother went to Nobles. Need I say more about the place of the Milton-Nobles rivalry within our family? We are just one of hundreds of families who over many generations mark the end of every season with fond memories and great excitement as our two fine schools face each other in competition. Rivalries, of course, are actually quite common in our country. After having lived in Ohio for eight years before coming to Milton, I was reminded by many Ohioans that there is really only one game every year. The season begins and ends against Michigan and “our team is either 1–0 or 0–1—even a national championship is secondary to that.” Although the Milton-Nobles games have not quite risen to that level of national prominence, their significance within our communities is no less meaningful. I have heard in and out of my own family stories of “the Milton game” or, for that matter, “the Nobles game.” The stories vary, but they have a common theme: rising to the occasion.

I believe that rivalries like ours bring out the very best in our athletes and our communities. Our expectations for ourselves and for our teams rise, and a season can be made by a victory over a Nobles team. I thank you for bringing that out in us, motivating us to achieve at our very highest level. I’m not sure if this is what you would like to hear, but let me say that we hope we provide the same inspiration for you. What more could we ask to end every season than having two great opponents playing at their highest levels? And as they say, may the best team win. Regardless of the final results, the Milton community is thrilled to be culminating our fall season against Nobles. Our rivalry has been and will continue to be exemplary in competition and sportsmanship. We look forward to sharing the stories of the 2010 games with you for generations.