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brian_kong_1After a rigorous exam process, Brian Kong (I) earned one of 20 spots on the 2011 U.S. Physics Team. He will spend the next two weeks in Washington, D.C., at a training camp that immerses students in an intense study of physics. From that group, five students will be selected to travel to the International Physics Olympiad in Bangkok, Thailand, this July.

“The competition for a position on the U.S. Physics Team is intense, and each student who participated in the 2011 selection process is deserving of recognition. They are the future of America’s success in physics related fields,” says Dr. Beth A. Cunningham, executive officer of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Brian is certainly comfortable in the world of physics. He attended this camp during his Class IV and III year, and took elective physics and math courses at Harvard University and M.I.T. during his time at Milton.

“I like studying physics because it explains things,” says Brian. “It’s exciting to learn about the world you live in. Some things are intuitive, but as you study more you find modern developments that go against your intuition.”

While Brian would love to be selected for the international competition, he also has much to look forward to when he heads to M.I.T. in the fall.