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Academy House

Established in 2022, Academy House is a residential option for any boarding student interested in living in an all-gender dormitory. Academy House is home to students who identify as transgender, non-binary, and cisgender. All students and staff in the Academy House community work in partnership to support a space that is inclusive for all genders.

Across all Milton Academy dorms, house parents are tasked with helping students build healthy habits around wellness, schoolwork, roommates, relationships, and identity. In Academy House, that good work is accompanied by the joys of living and working in a space that includes a diverse group of students across different genders. Living in a small community allows students to get to know their house mates well and hear differing perspectives and experiences as they navigate the boarding school experience together.

5 doubles, 6 singles

Distinguishing Characteristics
Central location with “quad views”; common space on the first floor with a new and accessible kitchen, tv and video game area, and a group study space; small gathering spaces on second and third floors; newly renovated accessible, all-gender restrooms on the second and third floors.

Dorm thrifting trips
Halloween screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sit-down dinner photo album
Birthday cupcakes
SAA All-Inclusive Movie Nights
Secret Snowflake and Holiday Caroling
Senior Wills