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Boys’ Swimming


About the Program

Milton Academy’s swimming and diving team prides itself on hard work and good sportsmanship. We offer spaces on the team for all levels of swimming expertise, competing in meets at least once a week on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. Our season begins mid-November and ends in the first weekend of March with the New England Swimming and Diving championships.

Grounded in its strong team spirit, Milton’s co-ed swimming and diving team cares about individual improvement, team support, and having a good time in the water.  The team practices Monday through Friday at Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester.  Swim practices usually combine a team stretch, dry-land work for both core strength and power and then water work that includes a healthy dose of stroke drills, kicking and breath control.

Currently, the swimming and diving team does not have access to a diving board, so the program is not able to support the event of diving.

Coach Bob Tyler and Coach James LaRochelle both embody a coaching philosophy that focuses on the quality of practice, not the quantity of yards.  They train swimmers to focus on their technique in strokes—with good technique comes speed—and to swim smarter races.  Each athlete deserves and receives individual attention from both coaches and also is able to see their strokes through the footage of an underwater camera.

Coaches and Captains

Head Coach: Bob Tyler

In his twenty-third year as the head coach of the Mustangs, Bob Tyler has seen the program grow from its humble beginnings when most swimmers arrived with little competitive experience to the present day where serious top-ranked New England swimmers come to train. Besides coaching at Milton, Bob has spent his summers as one of the assistant directors at the Technique Swim Camp at Harvard. Additional coaching work includes assisting with the Northeastern University Swim team, Bernals’ Gator Swim Club and Avon Old Farms School varsity swim team.

Assistant Coach: James LaRochelle

 Assistant Coach: Suzanne DeBuhr   

Suzanne DeBuhr has been a member of the Milton swimming/diving coaching staff since the 2009-10 season as the head diving coach. She began diving when she was 8 years old and continued to dive both in high school and college. Coaching diving is one of the highlights of her work at Milton, which also includes teaching religion and psychology courses in the History Department, coordinating the school’s Affective Education program, and overseeing the chapel program.


Captain: Kevin Han ’24

Boys' Swim Team Records
200 MEDLEY RELAY 1:40.30 Dillon Pang 2019 2/25/17
    Harrison Jia
    Julian Batt
    Thomas Hannah 2017
200 FREESTYLE 1:44.09 James Fee 2006 3/5/06
200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY 1:56.22 Julian Batt 2017 2/25/17
50 FREESTYLE 22.31 James Fee 1996 1/7/06
1 M DIVING (11 DIVES) 457.00 Joshua Ellis 2013 3/2/12
1 M DIVING (6 DIVES) 307.45 Matthew Rohrer 2013 2/9/13
100 BUTTERFLY 51.83 Julian Batt 2017 3/4/17
100 FREESTYLE 47.91 Julian Batt 2017 3/16/16
500 FREESTYLE 4:45.76 Arkady Rasin 2005 2/26/05
200 FREESTYLE RELAY 1:29.73 Robert Bailey
2009 2/24/07
    Robert St. Laurence
    Alvin Tin
    Alex Tin 2008  
100 BACKSTROKE 54.22 Ben Bullitt 2004 2/28/04
100 BREASTSTROKE 59.70 Eric Zhang 2014 3/2/14
400 FREESTYLE RELAY 3:17.54 James Fee
2006 2/26/05
    Alex Tin
    Thomas Bailey
    Arkady Rasin 2005
1st Team Schedule and Results